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Categorise your posts.
This is a great way to help
readers find what interests them


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Get paid for your hard work. Google AdSense can automatically display relevant targeted ads on your blog so that you can earn income by posting about your passion. Monetize with CPC or CPM Ads.

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There are plenty of ways to make money through Advertising
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Significant characteristics of a great blog are:

  • Tags and Categories

  • A blog has some form of navigation, usually Menus

  • Readers can access the Archives, Previous Posts

  • A blog has some form of navigation, usually Menus

  • Posts can contain text and images & often video and other media

  • Posts can contain links to other posts, both within blog and to the Entire Web

  • Blog must have a Contact page, Form & About us page.

  • Keep in touch with your readers by maintaining Regularity and Sending News Lettes.


  • Offer Something Meaty & Free

    When you give something for free you give your to-be-audience or client the opportunity of seeing what you are made of. This single practice will compel them to subscribe to your email list and primes them to buy the next time you present a product to them.

  • Keep It Simple and Steady

    This is a win-win! Once a visitor finds out you give him what he wants in simple and steady way, he will identify with you.

  • Your Blog design must be Clean

    Your website should clearly differentiates the content from ads and reader friendly in contrasting colors.

  • Wow your visitors with Epic Content!

    It’s a content written out of clear mind, love, and inspiration & when these visitors see the love in your writing tone they go out of their way to subscribe to your blog!

  • Interact with your readers

    Always give a polite reply & appreciate the readers that they have given their precious time to pass on the comment. If in comments, any help is asked for the topic/point or any related thing, then you should give a comprehensive reply.

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